Mining ETN via CPU


Hi Fam

I’ve been researching and experimenting with CPU miners recently. One of them is mining Electroneum (ETN) via Awesome miner and MiningPoolHub which I find has been very interesting especially after setting up my RX580 mining rig and being a victim of the recent surge of GPU prices….

Background about Electroneum (ETN):

Electroneum is a simple to use, mobile cryptocurrency based in England. Electroneum makes it easy to access and use a super secure cryptocurrency that has all of the benefits of Bitcoin and more. Transactions in Electroneum happen faster and are more anonymous. The benefits is that it is easy to use and can be mine-able via GPU or even low tier CPUs

Things you need for CPU mining for Electroneum – check resources for reference below

1. Set up an account on miningpoolhub
2. Download Awesome Miner
3. Get a wallet from the official electroneum website
4. Configure Awesome Miner to mine to your electroneum wallet
5. Start mining today on Awesome miner and leave your computer on to mine CPU only
6. Profit!

In depth tutorial
1. Sign up on Mining Pool Hub:

– Copy and paste wallet address from electroneum wallet
– Update the payment threshold (ideally 2 ETN)

2. Download Awesome Miner:

– New Managed Miner
– Choose CrytoNite algorithm
– Update software to CPUminer-Opt
– Click new pool for Electorneum and name “ETN miningpoolhub – CPU”
– get the address from Miningpoolhub on main page
– Choose US address or Asia address and paste in the server URL
– username put worker name (worker name as username.CPU 1)
– password is x
– Select ETN coin

3. Get Electroneum wallet:

*CPU mining can cause the temperature of your CPU to rise. Please be sure there is adequate cooling to prevent any permanent damage to your equipment.

Electroneum wallet:
Goosetech tutorial (he explains how to do this very well):
Awesome Miner (download Awesome Miner Installer):

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